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Most of the canoeing carried out at Corralea Activity Centre is located on site on Lough Macnean. The canoes we use for most sessions (groups or individuals) are sit-on kayaks. These are double or single kayaks. They are very stable open canoes ideal for beginners or improvers who want to paddle on flat open water.

However we also have single kayaks and 16ft Canadian canoes: these are used for specialised courses with an instructor.

Corralea Activity Centre Ltd. offers you two options if you want to experience canoeing

  1. A canoeing session with a qualified instructor
  2. Hire of canoes / Canoe Trail (without instructor)See below each section for further information.



1.   Canoeing Session led by Corralea’s staff

  • When can I canoe ?

Corralea Activity Centre Ltd. is open all year round but the type of canoeing session you’ll experience will depend very much on the time of year you undertake it.
You pick your date and check availability with the centre. The more notice you give us, the better chance to secure a date (at least one week notice is advisable).

  • Can I go alone or do I need to be part of a group ?

We operate with min. group sizes of 7-10 people.However, in July & August canoeing sessions are open to individuals and families on certain days: check our Summer Buzz… programme.
Canoeing for smaller groups and individuals is possible. The cost per person will vary with the size of the group (proportionally more expensive for smaller groups).

  • Where can I canoe ?

Our centre is based on Upper Lough Macnean, 3 miles from the village of Belcoo.
Our canoeing sessions take place on the lake near the centre, where you will master some of the essential skills of canoeing, visit small remote islands and discover the local heritage.

  • Do I need previous experience ?

No. Being able to swim or being comfortable in the water is an advantage.

  • Is there a minimum age ?

Our minimum age for a group of children is 9 years old. Younger children can go canoeing provided a parent/guardian accompanies them and conditions are suitable. This is at the discretion of the management.

  • What do I need to bring?

We provide all specialised equipment: wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmet, canoe + paddle.
You need to bring a swimsuit, towel and old trainers (to wear in the canoe).
If you are coming to the centre for a full day, bring a packed lunch.
Your Canoe Instructor will bring a first aid kit and any other relevant equipment.

  • What about insurance ?

Corralea Activity Centre Ltd. has full public liability insurance.
The centre requires a booking form to be completed with relevant medical information about participants prior to activity.
All sessions are led by a fully qualified Canoe Instructor.

  • A typical canoeing session

Each session will last ½ day: from 10am-12.00pm or from 2pm-4pm.
The session is targeted to your needs and will differ for adults, youth groups, family groups etc…
You will have fun, learn new skills, take part in canoeing games, races, and be challenged in a safe environment.
You can experience a canoeing session in its own right, or as part of a Day trip or Week-end away: Please see our “Mountain bike away and Canoe home” eco package (min. 4 people) certified by the Greenbox.

  • What is the difference between canoeing and kayaking ?

The main difference is the craft used but the term canoeing is used generally to refer to the use of a boat propelled by paddles.
At Corralea Activity Centre Ltd. most of our canoeing sessions use sit-on kayaks. These boats are safe, unsinkable, and very reassuring for the novice or anxious canoeist.
We also have on site Canadian canoes (2 men open boats) and kayaks (single boat with one cockpit).

2.   Canoe Hire / Canoe Trail

  • Sit-on kayaks can be hired for a ½ day, a full day or a few days (canoe trail). Times: 10.00am- 1.00pm and 2.00-5.00pm.
  • Canoe Hire is available generally from Easter to Sept. but is weather dependent. Canoes must be booked at least 24h in advance and we reserve the right to cancel the canoe hire if the weather conditions are dangerous (strong winds, too stormy,…) or the hirer is not fit to paddle safely.
  • You must be over 18 years old to hire a canoe.
  • We provide all specialised equipment with the canoe hire: wetsuit, buoyancy aid, sit-on kayak + paddle, map of Lough Macnean.
  • Canoe Hire starts at our centre on Upper Lough Macnean.

Canoe trail

Our Centre is also part of the Erne Canoe Trail and you can hire canoes here to start your journey through the Macnean Basin, follow the Arney River on to Lough Erne.

A pick up service can be arranged (at an extra cost) for people who wish to follow the canoe trail and camp overnight. Erne Canoe Trail map indicates appropriate camping sites, etc..) We provide dry bags for personal gear.

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