Corralea Activity Centre Ltd. are making a stand against Fracking in the Cavan and West Fermanagh area. We are campaigning to make people aware of what “Fracking” is and the effects it has on the land and water systems.

What is “fracking”?

The term is actually an abbreviation for Hydraulic Fracturing, a method of natural gas extraction that uses deep well drilling and chemicals to pressure fracture rock in order to enable natural gas to flow.   

  The process is, of course, complicated, but here is a simplified version. First, the fracking fluid made up of water (2.5 million gallons per well), sand and chemicals is pumped at an extremely high pressure down a wellbore to enlarge the cracks made in the shale rock and release the gas. The sand and additives keep the fissures open.  The gas released forces 25%-40% of the fracking fluid now mixed with gas, salt,volatile chemicals and heavy metals back to the surface.  These waste liquids are toxic and have to be sent to treatment facilities or “recycled”.

 The concern around Fracking comes from the probable contamination of the water table, as well as the storage or transport of the waste water before it is treated. Scientists have identified known carcinogens and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene in the waste water. where is the water left untreated going?

Currently, some countries such as France have banned the extraction of shale gas using “fracking” and the EU is asking for a moratorium until proper research has been carried out on the long term impact of fracking on drinking water as well as various other resources.  But companies have already been granted licences.

West Fermanagh is included in the licence granted on 1st April 2011 to Tamboran Resources Pty by DETI Northern-Ireland.

Corralea Activity Centre is campaigning for a ban on this dangerous and toxic process of gas exploration.

We have a petition at the office or for more info visit:    sign the online petition for a ban on Hydraulic Fracturing in Ireland.





 Thank you!


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